Deep Space Industries: the Company that Wants to Mine Space

It seems all too fitting that my first post on my new website would be a question of corporate development in space. In our binary thinking, humans have long expressed space exploration through literature in terms relative to what we experience on Earth. In America, the binary is clear: “big government” versus “the corporations.” Nevermind that these terms are broad umbrella terms for much more complicated relationships between humanity and its institutions. The fact remains: the media discusses space exploration in terms of what the government is doing in space, and what corporations are planning to do in space. Thanks to the libertarian dystopias (or paradises?) of many science fiction writers, it is possible for us to imagine a solar system run by multiple, or perhaps just one monopolistic, corporation instead of the government. But shouldn’t there be a role for everyone when determining what we do with our solar system, and ultimately the rest of the galaxy?

Deep Space Industries: the Company that Wants to Mine Space |

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  1. I know that if anybody is going to accuse me of anything its of sounding like a commie or something because of sme of my “anti-capitalist” views, but I’m very open to everyone – including private enterprise – working together. I’m not oblivious to the fact that we all use companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, etc every day and thus it would be hypocritical of me to criticize certain industries over others. But really, don’t you think all corporations – examples of what any company does for its stockholders, not its customers or its citizens – should be held accountable? I don’t think that’s a radical idea. That’s where I am coming from. I am merely pointing out that we can’t be in this “either/or” mindset about space and talking about our next steps in space needs to be an “all-in” process. This doesn’t need to be the Wild Wild West.

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