Space Elevator: Actually Possible Now

Picture from Gizmodo

I’m going to try not peeing my pants with excitement or embarrassingly myself by saying something arrogant, but: LAUGH ALL YOU WANT. The Space Elevator could be the great engineering achievement of our lifetime – OURS – and could be wonderful tool for science, industry, space exploration, etc. But we – all of us – need to have the courage to come together and decide (or, I should say, realize) that the space elevator is possible. It can be built if we put enough energy into thinking about HOW to build it, and we can do one thing right. I think the previous few generations have made a lot of mistakes, and I’m hopeful that as my generation takes over our apathy and cynicism don’t prevent us from a great engineering achievement like this.

Is This The Final Technical Piece We Need For The Space Elevator? – Forbes.

And your thoughts?

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