Space Fiction Nightmares Become Reality for Our Grandchildren

Deep Space Asteroid Mining

Asteroid Mining is a thing that isn’t given much credit because we live in a skeptical, cynical, instant gratification world. Yet, it’s totally possible that we could send a satellite to an asteroid with special equipment, gather minerals off of that asteroid, and then have the satellite return. I mean, the technology is already available, so what’s the hold up? Shy investors (another reason why government and citizen involvement in space exploration plans is a must). But, as the article below indicates, the amount of money that could be made from these asteroids is in the trillions. And that could potentially fund interstellar space travel. But, with private investors running the mining companies, guess who’d be calling the shots on who gets to leave the Solar System first. If that’s not a scary thought to you, you need to take off those rosy-tinted glasses when looking at a situation in which a handful of elites make decisions that impact all of us.

Asteroid Resources Could Make Science Fiction Dreams — and Nightmares — a Reality – Yahoo! News.

And your thoughts?

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