Iran Nears Dream of Bringing Bronze-Age Mythologies to Infidels of Alien Worlds

Space Monkey

With this important step toward an obvious plan to create nuclear missles to kill everyone on planet Earth who isn’t a Muslim a manned mission into space through a rocket propulsion system, Iran has made it clear that enough of its first-world-educated scientists and engineers have what it takes to help the Islamic Republic reach its goals. In America, conservatives tend to either grossly overreact to a bad situation or apathetically underreact to an actual existential threat, but I think this is really something we ought to talk about as a nonpartisan issue. I certainly don’t want to go to war with Iran anymore than I want them to blow me to smithereens  But I can also admit I just don’t have an easy solution to this problem. And some of you will be surprised, other delighted, that I am not going to immediately jump to religion as the root cause of the problem here. The fact is: power hungry leaders in Israel, Iran, others scattered throughout the middle east, and many American conservatives who are responsible for our heavy involvement in middle east affairs are the reason for these problems. It just happens that all those different folks also happen to be from different faiths. I’m sure it’s the root of all evil just a coincident.

Iran Launches Monkey Into Space – ABC News.

And your thoughts?

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