Month: February 2013

SpaceX Prepares for Second ISS Flight

With my fist firmly up in the air, shaking vigorously like that of a grumpy old person, I ask, “When will Elon Musk leave my blog! Alas, maybe never. This might also just be a Musk-heavy week (gross) and so I need to just be patient. Wait and see how it goes. I will keep you apprised and try to make a judgement next week. For the time being, I think three is enough on this guy. But I feel personally obligated to you, great readers, to provide at least three non-Musk related articles for every one I post. Because I respect you.

SpaceX Prepares for Second ISS Flight — Orbital Prepares Rocket Test | Autopia |

Milky Way Leftover Shell Stars Discovered In Galactic Halo

I’m really, really proud to share this article I found with you. It’s all about the Milky Way’s Galactic halo. And the sun’s on the outskirts of the galaxy. I mean, are you in love yet? Because you ought to be. This ia a nice long read for you while you’re on the toilet tomorrow. Check it out below.

Milky Way Leftover Shell Stars Discovered In Galactic Halo.

Should India Launch Mars Space Mission In October?

Gee whiz. Tough call. Considering America’s economic and racial injustices during the 60’s are we in a position to criticize them? Russia (and the former entity known as the Soviet Union) are perpetrators of horrible atrocities and do not take human rights seriously yet no one “questions” they’re role in space. India absolutely should focus on human rights, building infrastructure, providing nutritious food, clean drinking water, good jobs, etc etc for it’s people, but it also has “as much a historical right” as the previous great powers to do what it sees fit with it’s own money.

But hey, you might disagree. And I welcome that criticism.

Red Planet Blues: India To Launch Mars Space Mission In October, But Some Question Priorities.