Space Elevator Might Never Happen

Here’s a good read on the downfalls of the space elevator. Those of you reading this who are space elevator enthusiasts have probably heard all the downsides to the space elevator, but this article from io9 is nice because it sums up each potential barrier to building the space elevator. But that’s not all: you also get alternative opinions that say “hey, wait just a minute, we might be able to fix that” as well as a teaser for what should be its own full length article: the fact that we could build a space elevator on the moon without any of the problems associated with building it on earth.

Now, what I really want to know is how many of these barriers could we overcome if we’d all just agree that we as a species can just get the fuck on with it already and start working together to build something great. This could be the “Great Wonder” of a United Earth. I know that’s laughable to some of you, but it’s an inevitable goal that we – the educated, the intellectual, the scientist, the secular humanist – ought to work toward every day.

Why we’ll probably never build a space elevator.

And your thoughts?

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