Private Moon Travel Startup Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Last year, we saw the development of a crowdsourcing scheme for the space elevator. It’s been mildly successful, though the amount of money needed to even research the various technologies needed is orders of magnitude higher than what has been raised. This private moon travel plan, however, is more feasible, if only because we’ve already traveled to the moon. As I think about the juxtaposition of private space enterprise, government space exploration, and the relationship both have to carrying out the goals of all of us – not leaving potentially important voices out of the conversation just because they’re not wealthy and powerful – I can’t help but ask the troublesome question: Is crowdfunding a way for corporations to say “We have the people’s support” while at the same time carrying out their own private plans without any real regard for the people of the earth who’ve helped them along? I know that sounds terrible, but questions like these should be asked or else we’re going to be living on a planet where .01% of the rich and powerful are going to be making decisions for us about how we interact with our solar system. And that’s just not democracy.

Private Moon Travel Startup Launches Crowdfunding Campaign | Golden Spike |

And your thoughts?

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