Opinion: Obama State of the Union Speech Ignored Space Exploration

Well, don’t be surprised. As I told people who were not fans of Obama last year – some of whom that were living in Red States who chose to vote their conscience by going with a third, fourth, or fifth party candidate – that I wasn’t an Obama fan either. And I’m not. Many liberals – especially young center-left “liberals” – get so excited about Barack Obama. But the fact is, he’s failed us on many important issues. The continued use of drone strikes to kill innocent civilians, the continued placating of conservative ideologies so that he can seem like a bipartisan compromiser, ugh… Can I stop now? Anyway, this article is a great rundown of the situation with the space program and how disappointing it is not to have space exploration be a part of our national agenda or dialogue.

Obama State of the Union Speech Ignored Space Exploration | Space.com.


  1. Sadly me either. I understand that we have a lot of issues to worry about in the here and now – but we (all humans, not just Americans) are naturally forward thinking, and space is an inevitable part of that future. Let’s at least pretend we have a plan, even if it’s an ideological one, for what our role should be.

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