Heroes of Space: Elon Musk

This guy is on the cutting edge of private space travel. Right up there with Richard Branson. But let us not forget this dude is a rich (and smart) man who no doubt believes, like all very smart men, that what he believes is the only way to succeed. He’s an important guy, and maybe not even a bad guy, but let’s not fall head over heels in love with him.

This, by the way, is exactly why I worry so much about space: media, capitalism, power, money. It’s all so interconnected that you really need to think and ask yourself who’s in charge and whether or not those people will keep us from talking about what matters. Now, I’m not talking conspiracies or anything. I’m just saying that the media, and any kind of corporate-run journalism, is not really giving it to you straight. And Elon Musk is part of that whole shabang. I’m sure the media sees him as an opportunity to make money, “test him out,” see if he can get people to find space interesting (clicks=ad revenue), but at the end of the day it’s all just bullshit because nobody’s talking about what we need to talk about: how gets to be in charge of what we as a species will do in space?

Heroes of Space: Elon Musk | Spaceanswers.com.


  1. I agree Musk is a smart man, however I disagree that all smart men think there is only one way to succeed. In fact, I would think what makes them so very smart is their understanding that there are many ways of getting things done, and their tenacity in testing different methods until hitting on what does work. Musk is impressive in several areas; SpaceX and Tesla are just two examples. While I am a strong supporter of international government ran space agencies, I also support private industry and the innovators who take huge risks and expect huge rewards. I think we’ve become jaded by the image of the fat-cat business man in his suit who lights cigar with 100$ bills. This is an outdated and over-simplified caricature which we’ve been led to despise with a religious-like fervor. We should never confuse capitalism with corporatism. It’s difficult to predict what humanity’s future in space will be, but I’m confident it will involve those who are willing to take risks, those who are willing to fill voids created by the lack of support and funding for national agencies, those with the money and the wish to earn more…and balls, lots and lots of balls. Musk has balls.

    1. I really appreciate what you’ve written here. You seem to be coming from a nonpolitical, live-and-let-live philosophy on this and I like that. I also like that you’re absolutely right. Corporatism is a problem that capitalism is not. While one could find problems with both, it is important not to lump together. I am going to try to add a new category. I also need to “clean up” my categories now that I’ve been doing this site nearly a month. Thanks a lot.

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