Reason Magazine Doesn’t Think Science Fiction Is for Socialists

As I promised my conservative friends on Facebook, here’s a little counterbalance to the inundation of “liberal” (read: scientifically valid) post I’ve been making. Earlier in the week, I posted the io9 blog post on China Mieville’s list of 50 books for socialists. It’s a great list with excellent explanations, but the folks at Reason magazine hate the world socialism because – and I don’t think this is an oversimplification of their ideology – they believe in the “k.i.s.s.” method of philosophy and economics, which makes they’re jobs much easier, while reality remains just as difficult as it ever was. Nevertheless, they’ve managed to scrounge up many articles that I dare call “good” – if for no other reason than the fact that they do not masquerade as journalism. They’re well-written articles written by people with a particular point of view and because of that honesty they’re better than anything you might read out of the “right wing media.” Seriously, to maintain a truly objective (or “well-rounded”) viewpoint on the works Mieville cites, it wouldn’t kill you to check out some of the articles on this list for some great incite to an extremely complex genre.

Science Fiction Is for Socialists? – Hit & Run :

And your thoughts?

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