SpaceX Prepares for Second ISS Flight

With my fist firmly up in the air, shaking vigorously like that of a grumpy old person, I ask, “When will Elon Musk leave my blog! Alas, maybe never. This might also just be a Musk-heavy week (gross) and so I need to just be patient. Wait and see how it goes. I will keep you apprised and try to make a judgement next week. For the time being, I think three is enough on this guy. But I feel personally obligated to you, great readers, to provide at least three non-Musk related articles for every one I post. Because I respect you.

SpaceX Prepares for Second ISS Flight — Orbital Prepares Rocket Test | Autopia |

One comment

  1. A ‘Musk-heavy’ week indeed. Wouldn’t Friday’s launch actually be SpaceX’s 3rd ISS mission, and it’s 2nd resupply mission? The 1st being it’s historic first docking with the ISS’s Harmony Node in May 2012.

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