Putin’s Russia Targets Mars, Moon

Cavalier, Siberian Tiger-fighting Totalitarian Dictator President of Russia, Our Dear Leader, Vladimir Putin, has set forth a bold agenda that will see a renewed interest in space exploration and economic development up there (Can anyone think of a Philip K. Dick novel…?). It’s an interesting time to watch your own country give up entirely on manned space missions. And, you know, I’d just like to blame the polarization of politics in America – since I know there are good people on both sides of the political aisle who would like to see us (as in, the U.S.) maintain our pre-eminent position as a free country who explores space in the interest of the Common Good. If our friends who do not view democracy in the same way we do will dominent space, let us ask ourselves what the history of humans in space will look like in one hundred or two hundred years. Yes, part of me hopes this is a wake up call to the United States – and maybe the ESA too – that we need to like a fire under it, or someone else will.

All I want to ask is… “Where the fuck my lunar colony at?”

Putin Builds Space-Arms Defense as Russia Targets Mars, Moon – Bloomberg.

And your thoughts?

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