Month: February 2014

Science Fact Stranger Than Sci Fi, Says Scientist

Say what you will about Lawrence Krauss (I recently learned that some people think he’s a pompous asshole), his is a voice that needs to be heard as we continue to discuss space exploration. And, of course, with my personal interest in the intersectionality with fiction, I’m listening to what he has to say extra close.

Lawrence Krauss

Is Warp Speed Possible?

Let’s talk frankly about faster-than-light travel. Is it possible? Is it wrong to poo-poo ideas like this, considering that technologies like flight and teleportation were once seen as impossible? Do you think we can travel “through” space, or do you think that faster-than-light travel would be done “instantaneously”? Just some questions to think about. But, as an exercise, read Asimov’s Nemesis and consider the possibilities if we, as a species, could ever achieve FTL travel. 

Warp speed: Scientists rethink long-distance space travel – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Lost Dream of Space Colonies

Before Elysium, the notion of a colonies in space (as opposed to other planets and satellites) was covered long ago. On a related note, has anyone read Ringworld by Larry Niven? It’s on my to-read list, but that list gets longer everyday. In the meantime, this article comes with cool photos. Enjoy.

The Lost Dream of Trippy 70s Space Colonies – Alexis C. Madrigal – The Atlantic.