Five Planets Once Believed To Be in Our Solar System


But alas, these amazing fantasies were but a dream. I especially love the thought that planets would just go on infinitely beyond Pluto. If only it were so damn cold out that’a way! Wouldn’t it be fabulous if there were a counter earth on the direct opposite side of our orbit? That would, sadly, probably be our best hope for finding life in the solar system. I suppose Voyager, Galileo, and the hundreds of other space vessels we’ve sent out there debunked that long ago. It’s heart-breaking. Childhood’s end, if ever I saw it.

5 Awesome Planets We Used to Think Were in Our Solar System |


  1. While finding a counter earth on the direct opposite side of our orbit would be nothing short of game-changing amazing, I’m thinking the best chance for life in our solar system, other than on Earth, exists on Jupiter’s moon,Europa, and Saturn’s moon, Enceladus. And maybe even on Ceres.

    1. Did you see Europa Report? I thought for the budget it was an A++ piece of the kind of science fiction I like and want to write. Personally, I lean toward (what I’d like to call) “science fiction realism” or maybe even “space realism” and here of course we list Kim Stanley Robinson as #1 (if you have any suggestions in this category, go for it.) Obviously Clarke and Asimov slide in here too. The only problem, of course, with Robinson is that I find the work to be, um uh, how do I put this, a little boring sometimes. But he’s still great, there’s just a lot of summarizing of the human events and it’s jarring to me personally. Anyway, back to Europa Report… I think I liked everything except for the fact that the… well, oops. I should say it until you tell me whether or not you’ve seen it. 😉
      Hope you’re well.

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