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Across the Pond: Does Being Progressive Encourage Imaginary Thinking?

Of course, this was a bit of a joke piece in the Guardian. But I think this is interesting, and not as simple as the article suggests. Since I do tend to make everything political, I also think this is interesting because most of the space-focused media is focused on privatization, and is thus corporate minded. Er, let me start over without erasing that. My real problem isn’t with people wanting to go to space. Whether it’s a corporation or people that are excited about space exploration, I’m happy. Beggars can’t be choosers. And while I get nerves at the idea of a space oligarchy, I ultimately want us to progress into space no matter what. That said, I’ve always noticed a lack if interest in the subject among my liberal peers. I’ve also found within the American science fiction landscape a broad range of politics among fans. So, rather than making this political or anti-corporate, I should make it cultural. What is it about science fiction in the UK that gets progressives off? Is there a fundamental different between US and UK science fiction. Unless I’m missing some part of the story (I’m sure I am), America’s liberals barely have an interest in the subject.  Why the lack of interest?

The Lib Dems are a party of science fiction fans – is the force with them? | Politics | The Guardian.

What Ender’s Game Gets Right About Communicating With Aliens

Great article for anyone hoping to step beyond the obvious fallacy of humanoid aliens and their impeccable knowledge of English (often even nailing our accents perfectly). As a writer, I think this is a legitimate way to let yourself off the hook from developing fake languages too. Our language abilities are a specific function, an accident really, of our evolutionary development. Anything else in the universe that has developed language skills has almost certainly done so in totally separate means, perhaps not even by using oxygen. Chemical reactions releasing pheromones, “facial”/sign language systems, and yes maybe even a little telepathy are all totally on the table. But vocal fold vibration probably isn’t.

What Ender’s Game Gets Right About Communicating With Aliens – Wired Science.