Galactic Propulsion

Is Warp Speed Possible?

Let’s talk frankly about faster-than-light travel. Is it possible? Is it wrong to poo-poo ideas like this, considering that technologies like flight and teleportation were once seen as impossible? Do you think we can travel “through” space, or do you think that faster-than-light travel would be done “instantaneously”? Just some questions to think about. But, as an exercise, read Asimov’s Nemesis and consider the possibilities if we, as a species, could ever achieve FTL travel. 

Warp speed: Scientists rethink long-distance space travel – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Boldly Go? Can Humanity Afford ‘Star Trek’-Like Space Exploration?

I know. I really, really suck. While I should have been writing about Star Trek the entire month of May, maybe even in the end of April, instead of I was galavanting around Europe and too busy with my job to pay much attention to this. I know. I’m sorry to disappoint the three to seven followers I’ve got. But, hey, I’m back now, and you probably missed this incredibly important piece of news from the Negative Nancy Naysayers over at If they’re looking for someto writing something funny, or positive, however, I’ve got a lot of free time and a very reasonable hourly rate.

Boldly Go? Can Humanity Afford ‘Star Trek’-Like Space Exploration? |

Fusion Rocket Tech Has Been Developed!

It seems like only 60 years ago we were extolling the virtues of fusion power as a means to develop clean energy, harnessing the power of the sun! Unfortunately, after all the bad press nuclear power has received, not to mention the hard work of the fossil fuel industry is holding back research and development on a potentially limitless energy source, everyone stopped giving a fuck about fusion power. Maybe now things will change. (I do want to point out that fusion power is not a miracle drug for our disease of consumption – the power that it takes to travel great distances around the solar system or galaxy will still need to be faster than the faster output we can imagine from fusion power.)

Scientists develop fusion rocket technology in lab – and aim for Mars – Cosmic Log.