Government Space Exploration

NASA, the ESA, and China’s space program (CNSA) are all sending people into space. Even NASA continues to plan a human Mars expedition soon. Is government space exploration a viable option, or are there other ways that government should use its resources for mankind?

Americans Like Idea of Space Travel, But Don’t Want to Pay for It

Meanwhile, 42 percent say they support the U.S. spending “billions” on programs destined for the moon, Mars and asteroids. But a large share of the public — 50 percent — oppose spending that much money on space, which was similar to American sentiment in 1967, two years before Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Still, most respondents in the poll said the U.S. space program has provided long-lasting benefits to society and 51 percent said increased spending would be a good investment.

via Americans want rich guys like Elon Musk to pay for space travel — not taxpayers – The Washington Post.