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“The project has been beset by controversy since its inception, with researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) claiming that any manned mission to Mars would leave the crew dead after just 68 days.” 68 days? That doesn’t seem optimistic. I also have a hard time believing we’d send people to Mars just to let them die.

via Life on Mars? 5 Britons make shortlist to colonize red planet — RT UK.

Thousands of People Dooming Themselves to Martian Life… Forever!

Could you do it? My partner often talks about how he’d love to go live on the moon. But Mars feels a little more permanent. It’s a great opportunity. And I hope it causes a resurgence in popularity for Red Mars, which I know I already mentioned earlier. I thought the book was amazing, personally, but I haven’t read the two followups. Have you?

Thousands of people volunteered for a one-way trip to Mars. Here are the 100 finalists. – Vox.

Mysterious Plumes on Mars Baffle Scientists, Are Probably Haboobs

I say it’s a dust storm, or a “haboob.” If any of you have read Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson, the dust storms are a semi-important deus ex machina near the end. I had no idea that Mars could produce such a thing (p.s. I’m being cheeky, I don’t think it can without terraforming, right?) but I’m surprised no one has made this reference.

‘Extremely Unexpected’: Mysterious Plumes on Mars Baffle Scientists – NBC