Solar System Colonization

Thousands of People Dooming Themselves to Martian Life… Forever!

Could you do it? My partner often talks about how he’d love to go live on the moon. But Mars feels a little more permanent. It’s a great opportunity. And I hope it causes a resurgence in popularity for Red Mars, which I know I already mentioned earlier. I thought the book was amazing, personally, but I haven’t read the two followups. Have you?

Thousands of people volunteered for a one-way trip to Mars. Here are the 100 finalists. – Vox.

Mysterious Plumes on Mars Baffle Scientists, Are Probably Haboobs

I say it’s a dust storm, or a “haboob.” If any of you have read Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson, the dust storms are a semi-important deus ex machina near the end. I had no idea that Mars could produce such a thing (p.s. I’m being cheeky, I don’t think it can without terraforming, right?) but I’m surprised no one has made this reference.

‘Extremely Unexpected’: Mysterious Plumes on Mars Baffle Scientists – NBC

Elon Musk, SpaceX Founder, Battles Entrenched Rivals Over NASA Contracts

Great article. Goes back to my article from earlier this week. Elon Musk’s an intriguing dude. But the most important takeaway is: Nothing will get done in Washington because of special interest groups and the shitty politicians we keep electing to do a mediocre job ‘running’ the country. And because he’s working so hard to change that, he’s earning more and more of my respect.

If you must, read on:

Elon Musk, SpaceX Founder, Battles Entrenched Rivals Over NASA Contracts.

Weather Report: Venus


Even though the Weather Channel gave up providing good weather reports a long time ago, some of the programs regarding weather phenomenon are decent enough. Enter “Deadliest Space Weather” – which seems like it would be the dumbest show on Earth. After catching this preview, however, I’m more inclined to think that the show is only suffering from a ridiculously overblown “ratings-catching” title. This first episode, at least, might more aptly be described as a history of human understanding of Venus. Now, isn’t that worth watching?  Hellishly Hot Venus Kicks Off ‘Deadliest Space Weather’ –

Space Rocks

the moon's geological make-up

One of the most important yet little discussed aspects of space exploration is the collection of mineral and soil data on other planets, their satellites, and asteroids. Thousands of scientists around the world make their living studying soil and rocks, often for significant reasons, yet they’re pretty under-appreciated. Now imagine a whole solar system, like ours, full of material to examine, research, and manipulate. I can imagine the possibility of finding new elements, and certainly new compositions of minerals that may make life better for us here.

The Solar System’s Most Spectacular Geology Revealed by 50 Years of Robotic Exploration | Wired Science |