Space Capitalism

Articles and information about corporate interests in space. Many people, as a matter of philosophy, believe that private industry is the new wave in space exploration, and that government spending on space exploration is wasteful.

10 Space Empires That Actually Make Economic Sense

Calling all policy nerds… This is pretty niche, I know, but I just had to share it. One of the topics I’m often thinking about is this: When or how could the Earth conceivably move to a currency-free system? I’m not suggesting things would not have a cost, but more regarding both physical money as well as the value of “real” things. It’s an exciting thing to consider. I’m currently working on a novel, The 40,000, and there is no money involved… because they’re on a self-contained generation star ship. One day, though, I’m going to really need to think about what the future of economics looks like. (Hopefully I’ll be smarter, or at least a better writer, by then.)

10 Space Empires That Actually Make Economic Sense.

The Dark Side of Private Space Programs

I am not opposed to private firms helping us get into space. I totally understand that private companies and start-ups can bring new, imaginative, and innovative ideas to the table – and that we should absolutely listen to those ideas if we’re going to do this thing the right way. But their fervor to “control the market” is a bit much for me to handle. Just because it’s not on Earth doesn’t mean that all humans – not just the rich white privileged ones – shouldn’t have some say in the role we as a species will play in the future of our off-world experiences. The proponents of privatized space flight say it’s more efficient and doesn’t take money away from taxpayers. But, in reality, these are just convenient, conservative lines being fed to us so that one agenda – profit-making – becomes paramount. The only way to ensure that humanity’s best interests are considered in space travel is through democracy. And as we know, corporations are naturally undemocratic entities. Is that the future we want for space exploration? It’s not the future that I want to see. Anyway, in the article, they articulate all of the reasons why this is terrible much more eloquently than I do.

Let’s talk about the dark side of private space programs.

3D Printing in Space on the Horizon

Garrick (my partner) and I have talk a lot about 3D printing technology. I guess we’re both avid Star Trek fans we see 3D printing as a definite frist step before replicators (which seem to fantastical to ever exist). Nevertheless, the breakthroughs that would be made possible with a device like this are incredible. I urge you to check this out!

3D Printing in Space on the Horizon – Technorati Technology.

Who Will Cough Up Cash for Next Moon Trip?

Yeah. Who’s going to do this? The moon is an untapped resource. Almost everyone thinks we could feasibly place a lunar colony there, but that’s not what this is about. This is just a conversation about whether or not we’ll even bother taking a trip there again. Humanity lacks vision, unity, etc…

Nobody Wants to Cough Up Cash for the Next Trip to the Moon | Motherboard.