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Big Space Exploration Gift

As someone currently working in, but trying desperately to get out of, the nonprofit sector, I’m intrigued by this article. I’d certainly love to work for a nonprofit organization devoted to scientific exploration of space, rather than… eh, what I currently do (which I shall not disparage in this blog). 

The Intriguing Couple Behind a Big Space Exploration Gift – Inside Philanthropy: Fundraising Intelligence – Inside Philanthropy.

First space tourist plans to make trip to Mars in 2018

Looks like I need to add a new category. I don’t think it’s quite fair to toss this into “Space Capitalism” – and after talking to Alex Autin (who I wish I knew how to tag for this post) I’m really wondering if I ought to change this and refer to it as Space Corporatism. Then, of course, maybe this would be more fitting? Decisions to be made in the categories section today! I’d better get on it!

So this guy flew off into space a few years ago and I guess he’s missing it or something because he wants to go back. But this time he wants to go to Mars. He’s going to reveal the details on February 27th. For good or bad, I’ll be listening. We may need to do a Space Wednesday for this guy if he’s holding a press conference.

First space tourist plans to make trip to Mars in 2018 – CBS News.