Why It Matters

Humanity hasn’t been around very long, in the grand scheme of things. And there’s a chance that we could go extinct again before getting the opportunity to innovate our way out of the next crisis. While I want to be the optimist and say whatever problems lie ahead for us – be they nuclear, climate, fossil fuel, or biologically related – I am driven more to worry that with some many crises at once, and a limited amount of time and money, we may be nearing a point of no return, where they answer will lie in the stars, if we’re to continue this journey.

News about space is scattered among many different sites, and what I hope to do here is capture the ones I find most intriguing and share them with you on Fridays. On Saturdays, I like to keep it lighter, and look into science fiction. For me, and I think a lot of other futurists, science fiction isn’t just another genre like romance of true crime. Science fiction is innovative in both its technological concepts as well as its commentary on contemporary society. I think those are valuable and relevant contributions to a broader discussion. And, sadly, I think it’s a huge part of what’s missing in modern media.

And your thoughts?

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